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R'thipra Tia

A Limsan expat who acts as a guardian to Hyrstmill in North Shroud. Despite his polite friendliness and joyful attitude, he actively avoids crowded, cramped spaces and rarely tolerates being touched. Expect lies and diversions away from the truth; but treat him as you would any other person, and you may get through to him.


Clan:Seeker of the Sun
Nameday:4th Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon (6/4)
Homeland:Aleport, Western La Noscea
Home:Hyrstmill, North Shroud
Family:Cliffwalker R Sept, Swarrael Hollstyrwyn (stepmother), Rhylbryn Halusyn (stepbrother), Rhylsoemr Halusyn (stepbrother)
Job(s):Lancer, Warrior

While Miqo'te generally reach a maximum height of 5 feet 6 inches tall, teenage growth spurts seem to have been kind to R'thipra. He stands at an impressive height of 6 feet tall, tall enough that he easily towers over most people. However, the lean muscle making up his arms and legs, gained by a life of hunting and adventurer work, ensure that he never falls into the inescapable pit of 'gangly' features. It's a rather healthy look on him; combine it with sunkissed skin and a complete lack of scarring, and it's easy to believe his claims of being born into a wealthy Limsan family.It may seem odd, how little he inherited from his father. Instead of dark brown hair, his is dusky purple with lighter purplish highlights. Instead of piercingly, lava-bright pink eyes, his contrast comes in shades of emerald green and honey gold, wreathed in lavender Seeker markings. 'Complicated' could be a word to describe these features; it's as if someone gave a child a paint palette and told them to make whatever they wanted, and they obliged in only the way a child could. There's seemingly no rhyme or reason to it all, no ancestor with these traits to point to, and yet somehow, it all fits.Perhaps the cherry on the top of this weird cake comes in the form of the odd stillness surrounding him. His hair may move as a breeze passes him by, but soon will fall flat to the exact position as it was just moments ago. His ears and tail fare worse, either failing to move at all or moving in a way that makes it clear he isn't in control of them. Why is this? When asked, R'thipra only gives a noncommittal answer, the type of 'I don't know' that gives no lead to follow. It's a genuine frustration, one of the few he may allow himself around people he doesn't know personally.


What does growing up in a wealthy family give you? Aside from more opportunities than the common street beggar would ever dare to dream of, 'good manners' might be on your list. R'thipra is no snobbish royal; he's usually a very nice fellow, full of smiles, polite bows, and good graces aimed at making most people comfortable around him. If that isn't enough to dissuade the occasional combative fellow deep in his cups, he can even crank up the persona to become a picturesque 'good boy' that can seemingly do no wrong. 'Diplomatic' is perhaps the key word to describe him; if allowed another, 'fantastically invisible' work would work as well, because do you remember every 'customer service friendly' person you meet in life? Probably not.His overt friendliness is also an adaptation to adventurer-for-hire work. If there's even the slightest inkling of something being off, the reasonable would scurry away, and the confident would be emboldened to demand answers. Even if his lance arm is deadly, and protective instincts primed in every scenario, R'thipra would ask: why even invite the potential? Even if it means he must self-depreciate and be ready for embarrassment at the hands of anyone, the payoff of security in his own life far outweighs the risk of lost reputation and injury. And so he lives by the grace of other peoples' eyes turning to the more flashy and decorated citizens of this unfair world, content with his lot. Seemingly.How do you break him out of default friendliness? By trying to touch him, of course. Even the most well-meaning of gestures will have him recoil as if the touch burned him; the careful and telegraphed attempts by his friends rarely permitted in special circumstances. For this reason, you'll rarely find R'thipra in cramped, crowded spaces. Perhaps he'll be looking down upon the chaos, but not so downwind as to be swept up in the storm of touch and noise. A party-goer, he is not - but neither is he the opposite, a reclusive bookish man. Not completely, that is.


The guisarme and naginata found strapped to his back aren't merely for show, even for as clean and untouched as they may seem. There's a reason why he's been granted permission to live within the Black Shroud, even as a Limsa native - and while many would be able to show the scars gained from their grueling life of taking every odd job they could get, R'thipra would simply smile, shrug, and say that he doesn't allow mistakes in his line of work. While the method of how he remains unscarred is unknown, the aftermath is clear for all to see and judge him on. He seems very keen on keeping it that way, but...people are welcome to watch him forage for mushrooms, or whatever other less dangerous tasks they'd ask of him. As long as North Shroud remains his job territory, he doesn't care.But enough from the combat talents that most would never see. Aside from the insane alcohol tolerance he'll show off at any bar he comes across, R'thipra's pursuits and skills are as mellow as he appears to be. Self-taught culinary and bartending skills have led him to be a fine addition to any venue he happens to staff, and he's known amongst his close friends to host meetups and dinners in his own home. Stepbrother-led, and unfortunately lacking, homeschooling has led to him develop a hunger for educational content; and while he'll read just about anything, his true interests lie in Seeker tribal records, Allagan Empire history, and soul crystal studies. In the realm of creative passions, R'thipra possesses a natural skill for painting and a much less natural desire for performance work on small stages. Dye on canvas provides him opportunities to soothe his heart and mind, make some extra gil on the side via commissions, and express the unique grapheme-color synesthesia'd way he understands the world. Performance, on the other hand, is a skill he'd had to carefully cultivate over the past few years - rewarding in how he only sings the songs he'd like to hear, yet exhausting to overcome the inherent anxiety of all eyes on him.There's a sense of freedom when it comes to R'thipra's more relaxing pursuits - a breath of fresh air for someone otherwise so suffocated.


Hello! Thank you for reading R'thipra's carrd!I'm a bit of a shy person who likes my anonymity, and don't give out my contact information unless I get to know you. Sorry!Some little factoids about me:

  • I'm an aro/ace nonbinary person. Call me whatever you like - I use any/all pronouns.

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  • If we're first getting to know each other, I prefer to RP lighter/casual themes.

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  • Romantic relationship RP or ERP isn't my thing. Apologies! This is both IC and OOC.

  • Please don't randomly /random at my characters for attempted attacks, steals, etc. If you want to try something, please talk with me first. Vice versa, I'll communicate with you if I have any ideas! RP is a two-way street, and consent is key to a fun time.

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The Rules of Engagement.

Only by changing yourself will you be free from their eyes and your own mind.Your new self must be absolute. Cracks or flaws in the visage will be ripped open without mercy. Your life depends on perfection.

The Rules of Engagement.

One touch is all it takes for everything to unravel.You are fragile, and people like to test you. When words fail, distance is your biggest ally. Widen the gulf without them noticing to ensure your security.

The Rules of Engagement.

You run better than you fight.If a person looks too close, run away. If anger takes root in you, leave the source behind. Only fight when there is no other option - and when are confident in your abilities to guarantee your security.

The Rules of Engagement.

People like to talk about themselves.Attention turned inward is attention turned away from you. Lavishment and encouragement go far in this world. Give them the spotlight and do not let them give it back.

The Rules of Engagement.

Once they smell weakness, your image in their mind is ruined forever.People learn and change their views, but you do not know if they will change for you. Do not bow your head or back. You are worthy of love and second chances.